Workforce Management data incomplete - How to recover missing data

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You find that some data is not being collected correctly by the WFM Connector. 


Occasional agent interval data is missing from FTP data sent to WFM server. 


Calls which span more than two 15 minute intervals will not be included in the FTP packet since the WFM service is sending data offset only by 15 minutes. For example, a call that arrives at 12:14:59 and lasts until 12:30:01 spans three 15 minute intervals, the 12:00-12:15 interval when it arrived, the 12:15-12:30 interval that it was still occurring in, and the 12:30-12:45 interval when it ended. The 12:00-12:15 interval data was sent to the server at 12:30, so the call that began in interval one and didn't end until interval three is missed in the data upload because that upload occurred at 12:30. 


Run the historical data recollector with the -auto switch and it will recollect all interval data from the previous day and fill in the missing data.  To increase the accuracy of WFM reports during the day, create a separate scheduled task to run the Historical Data Recollector tool several times throughout business hours using a numeric switch (1-8) to regenerate up to 8 intervals of report data at a time.

By default, the Historical Data Recollector is found in:  [InstallDir]\Services\WFM\prairieFyre.WFM.Utilities.HistoricalDataRecollector.exe

Create a new scheduled task using the attached batch file to run one hour after nightly maintenance. By default, maintenance runs at 02:00, so schedule the task for 03:00.

NOTE: The attached batch file assumes a default [InstallDir] of C:\Program Files (x86)\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\MiContact Center\.  If you have installed to another location, you will need to edit the batch file accordingly.

NOTE: Prior to version, to rebuild AgentScoreCard (adherence) data, the Historical data recollector must be run manually and the timeframe selected must cross midnight for the day you wish to recreate the scorecard for. For example, you want to recreate the scorecard for Jan 19, 2016 - In the recollection tool, set the START DATE to 01-19-2016 and the START TIME to 23:45 then set the END DATE to 01-20-2016 at 00:15.

KNOWN LIMITATIONS: Same day WFM reports may be incomplete for the above mentioned reasons. Historical reports will be complete if data recollection is performed. 


1. Go to the log: [InstallDir]\Logs\DataProcessor.log.

2. There will be a log line to indicate that the service has started a summarize job:

***********************************STARTING LOGGING 2016-Apr-06 02:02:27.357***********************************

3. Then not far below, look for a line like the following to indicate what date or date range of call records it is summarizing:

Info 2016-Apr-06 02:02:32.757 Summarize process information - Summarize for 4/5/2016 starting. Start time: 4/6/2016 2:02:32 AM

4. After summarize has written to SQL you will see some log lines like:

Info 2016-Apr-06 02:03:19.721 Summarize process information - Summarize for 4/5/2016 ended. End time: 4/6/2016 2:03:19 AM; Duration: 00:00:46.9646057

Info 2016-Apr-06 02:03:19.722 Summarize process information - End time: 4/6/2016 2:03:19 AM; Duration: 00:00:47.1370509

5. If there are no errors or warnings in the logs, writing to SQL has completed at the time indicated.

6. Next look at the Historical Recollector log to ensure it did not start before the data was sent to SQL by the Data Processor Summarize. The log for the recollector is at [InstallDir]\Logs\prairieFyre.WFM.Utilities.HistoricalDataRecollector.log.

7. You will see a log line to indicate the recollector has started like this:

***********************************STARTING LOGGING 2016-Jun-02 03:12:48.940***********************************

8. You will see a log line a little lower showing the date range of data to re-send over FTP. It should be for the previous day on an automatically configured re-collection and then a log line farther down showing it has completed:

Info: 2016-Jun-02 03:12:49.298 Data collected and sent. ()

9. If there are no warnings or errors, then FTP files should havve been re-sent reflecting summarization of the previous days call records.



MiCC 6.x, 7.x, 8.x 

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Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2016 by AndrewMontpetit