IVR prompts or RADs not playing

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Prompts cease to play on certain IVR ports when using an MSL based MiVB platform. Ports start to return RNA (ring no answer warnings). Ultimately this can lead to the MitaiProxyServer service crashing. 


IVR port logging reporting that the TX channel is closed indicated in the logs by TXOpened [False]:

Error: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   prairieFyre.Routing.Mitel.Implementation.PlayPromptImplementation - TX is still NOT open after 2500ms. Playing Prompt anyway.    (39053 -
Info: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   prairieFyre.Routing.Mitel.Implementation.PlayPromptImplementation - TX opened, playing Prompt...    (39053 -
Info: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   prairieFyre.Routing.Mitel.MitelInboundDevice - Playing Prompt Member [Static[No one available.wav (File)]]    (39053 -
Info: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   Playing [C:\Program Files (x86)\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Ivr\Media\Custom\en-GB\No one available.wav] - TXOpened [False] - RXOpened [False].    (39053 -
Error: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   Cannot play wave file - rc = [FAILED_OPERATION].                        (39053 -
Info: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   MiAUDIO - Audio EVENT Received: WAVE_OUT_ERROR.                        (39053 -
Info: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   prairieFyre.Routing.Mitel.MitelInboundDevice - Received AudioStatus: [WAVE_OUT_ERROR]    (39053 -
Error: 2015-Dec-11 10:03:53.029   prairieFyre.Routing.Mitel.MitelInboundDevice - Wave out Error Detected    (39053 -

May also cause alarm ALM0015 - IVR Bad Audio File to be fired.



This is caused by a media server fault in MSL based MiVB platforms running versions earlier than MiVB 7.2.   



A reboot of the MiVB that the ports reside on resolves the issue temporarily.


 Upgrade the MiVB's to release 7.2 or above. This was resolved due to a code re-work to address multiple media server issues.


MiVB releases prior to 7.2 

Keywords: TXOpened, ALM0015, RAD, Prompt, RNA, MitaiProxyServer

Posted Friday, March 18, 2016 by AndrewMontpetit