BluStar - How to download and install BluStar

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NOTE:  Presently the only download location for MiCntact Center Business or BluStar is via the Knowledge Management System available on  It will be added to Mitel Online when releases in July.

To enable CTI server capabilities, MiVoice Office 400 and MiVoice 5000 customers must install BluStar Server on the Enterprise Server, collocated with MiContact Center software. This article describes how to download and configure the BluStar Server for MiContact Center implementations.

We recommend you install BluStar Server prior to installing MiContact Center on the Enterprise Server. Once you have installed both the BluStar Server and MiContact Center software, you set your CTI Connection string on the media server in YourSite Explorer. See the BluStar Server documentation for content related specifically to the BluStar application.

NOTE: MiContact Center Version 8.1 requires BluStar Server Version 7.2.

Before downloading and installing the BluStar Server, you must enable the Application Server Role on the Enterprise Server.

Enabling the Application Server Role

To enable the Application Server Role:

  1. From the MiContact Center Server, launch the Server Manager.
  2. Select Add Roles and Features.
  3. Navigate to the Server Roles page and select the check box beside Application Server.
  4. Navigate to Application Server role services page and select the check box beside Web Server (IIS) Support.
  5. When prompted to add additional features, click Add Features.
  6. Navigate to the end and wait for the process to complete.

Downloading BluStar Server software

To download BluStar Server software:

  1. Log on to the Enterprise Server with a Windows administrator account.
    • The account must have full administrative privileges.
  2. Ensure all of the Windows programs are closed.
  3. Using a web browser browse to
  4. Click Login.
  5. Type your Mitel Online Username and Password and click Login.
  6. Click Mitel Online.
  7. Under Support click Software Downloads.
  8. Click MiContact Center=>MiContact Center Software=>Download Current Release 8.1.
  9. Scroll down to Optional Release Components and select the link for BluStar Server.
  10. To download your software:
    • Click I Agree [Download using Software Download Manager (Recommended)] to download using the Software Download Manager.
    • Click I Agree [Download using HTTP] to download using your browser.
    • NOTE: If you click I Disagree, you will be unable to download the software.
  11. If you choose to download using the Software Download Manager, select the destination for the download and click Save. When the file finishes downloading, click Launch.
  12. If you choose to download using HTTP, depending on the options presented in your browser, select whether to Save or Run the installation file.


Setting up BluStar Server

To set up BluStar Server:


  • The local SQL instance that is used by MiContact Center must have Mixed-mode Authentication enabled and the SA account must be enabled and configured with a password.
  • If you use MiVoice Office A400, CSTA service must be enabled on the PBX. By default, this setting is turned off. In the MiVoice Office A400 Admin page, navigate to IP Network=>CSTA service, enable it, and click Apply.

1. On the BluStar Server Setup page, pick the relevant PBX and click Next.


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