ALM0138 - MRCP initialization error

Article ID: 52465 - Last Review: July 15, 2016


Unable to initialize MRCP client with Nuance Speech Server.

This could be caused by several problems:

  • The MRCP server configuration under Text-To-Speech \ Speech Recognition tabs on Site Page in YourSiteExplorer is invalid: such as wrong IP address \ server port
  • The MRCP client xml configuration file may contain wrong data.
  • The Nuance Speech Server (NSS) is not accessible \ not available \ not operational 





The Nuance server is not connected to the MiCC server.


Check configuration in YSE:

  • Ensure MRCP server IP address and port are the ones used by the Nuance Speech Server.


Check the configuration xml files:

  • Look for unimrcpclient.xml file under <MiCC installed dir>\<service dir>\conf\
    • Ensure only the resources speechsynth and speechrecog are the only ones enabled under <resource-factory>
    • ensure the sip-port used under <sip-uac> for SIP-Agent-1 signaling agent is valid and unused by any other application.
  • Look for nuance.xml file under <MiCC installed dir>\<service dir>\conf\client-profiles\
    • Ensure the information under Nuance-SIP-Settings-TTS and Nuance-SIP-Settings-ASR are valid and conforms with values in the Site Page configuration.
    • Ensure the profiles nss2tts and nss2asr are configured under <profiles>
  • Look for service's config xml file under the <MiCC installed dir>\<service dir>
    • Ensure the setting MrcpClientSipPort has a valid port number and not used by any other application

 Check Nuance Speech Server:

  • Ensure Nuance Speech Server is accessible.
  • In Local Services, Ensure Nuance Speech Server is running.
  • In Local Services, Ensure Nuance Recognition Service is running.



MiCC 8.0 and newer 

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Posted Friday, July 15, 2016 by AndrewMontpetit