MCC Agent is unexpectedly put on MakeBusy

Article ID: 52469 - Last Review: July 18, 2016


An agent is being placed unexpectedly in MakeBusy state. 


The agent is picking emails or chats from the queue, rather than waiting for them to be delivered.  These items are not being handled immediately. 


Items that are picked, rather than delivered are subject to a sperate requeue timer. 


You can control the requeue timer for multimedia items picked using the Global Application Settings Editor.

1.  Go to [InstallDir]\Services\ConfigService\
2.  Launch the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.exe.
3.  Fill in the following:
Application: RoutineMediaService.exe
SectionGroup: Mitel.Routing.Acd.AcdRouterSettings
Name: (enter DefaultPickEmailRequeueTime for email, or DefaultPickChatRequeueTime  for chat)
Value: (enter the desired time in HH:MM:SS format)
Description: (enter who or why the setting is being changed here)
4.  Click Save.
     NOTE: It can take up to two minutes for the save to take effect.  Wait for the confirmation prompt before closing the Global Application Settings Editor.


MiCC 8.0 and newer 

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Posted Monday, July 18, 2016 by AndrewMontpetit