Excel Data Provider stuck at "connecting" when you click Test Connection

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After creating an Excel Data Provider in YourSite Explorer you click the Test Connection button and it gets stuck on "Connecting". 


After some time a fatal error is reported.

"...did not receive a reply within the configured timeout..." 


We will need to reinstall the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 components.

1. Go to Control Panel >  Programs and Features
2. Uninstall all versions of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 present.
3. Click the start menu/button and type in cmd.exe.  Right-click the Command Prompt and Run As Administrator.
4. In the command prompt run the following two commands:

  • choco install -force -y msaccess2010-redist-x64
  • choco install -force -y msaccess2010-redist-x86
NOTE:  The above instructions are for 8.0.X.X.  In 8.1.X.X you skip the last command (only the x64 is installed)


MiCC 8.X and newer

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Posted Thursday, July 28, 2016 by AndrewMontpetit