When replying to an enqueued email, including the queue address in the recipients can cause a routing loop

Article ID: 52520 - Last Review: January 18, 2017


When replying to an email in Ignite, if you include the queue email i the recipients, it can cause a loop as the reply is sent directly back into queue. 


You can add a failsafe to prevent this.

1. Open the EMail Media Server and load the Inbound workflow
2. Add a FROM activity to check if the Queue email address is in the FROM or CC fields.
3. On Success, add a No Reply activity to prevent that message from going back into queue.  Leave the Failure branch blank and it will continue onto the rest of the workflow.

NOTE:  This check is automatic and no manual activity is needed in MiCC and newer.


MiCC 8.0. 

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Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017 by AndrewMontpetit