License Violation due to App Conn license

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On January 31, 2017 Mitel removed the Application Connection license from all MiContact Center licensing.  While Mitel used to include Application Connection licenses for MiCollab UM to allow Mitel Partners to program the ports on the MiVoice Business, the ports are now programmed as a ‘Trusted Service’ on the MiVoice Business, and as such Application Connection licenses are no longer required.  You cannot use Trusted Services to build ACD Hot Desk extensions, or extensions of any kind.

The only application that still requires Application Connection licenses is MiCollab AWV (Audio/Web/Video).  The Audio ports are programmed on the MiVoice Business as Generic SIP Devices and therefore require the Application Connection license to allow that programming.  The Application Connection licenses were not included in the MiCC AMC bundles for use with AWV as MiCC AMC bundles do not include AWV licensing.

UCC Standard and Premium licenses include these Application Connection licenses for the audio ports, since AWV ports with HD codec are provided with these UCC licenses.

IMPORTANT: If any customer re-purposed the Application Connection licenses included with MiContact Center for use as ACD hot desk extensions, upon sync of the MiVB after this update, will immediately be in license violation. 

As communicated in Product Bulletin PB 20150541, customers were advised that

The previous requirement of one MiVoice Business user license per MiContact Center agent licenses still remains. If upon upgrading to Release 8.0 a customer does not have sufficient MiVoice Business user licenses to meet the needs of the agents using concurrent user licenses, you must contact your Mitel sales representative to purchase the proper number of user licenses.

Product Bulletin PA20160005 communicates this information as well;

If you leveraged these Application Connection Licenses to license ACD hot desk extensions and are now experiencing a license violation, you will need to purchase one of the following part numbers to remain compliant:

If the MiVoice Business is Standalone base software, you will need to purchase part number 54004976 - Standard User license x1 for each

If the MiVoice Business is Enterprise base software, you will need to purchase part number part number 54004975 - Enterprise User license. 

Note:  In USA, new sales are all Enterprise. 
Canada and Latin America can still sell Standalone.

If you need assistance with understanding the license violation timing, please contact for support.



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Posted Monday, February 06, 2017 by AndrewMontpetit