ALM0160 - Cloudlink Proxy is inaccessible

Article ID: 52637 - Last Review: August 19, 2019


The Cloudlink Proxy service is not accessible by the Routing Media Service. This will prevent the accurate reporting of the state of alarms raised/cleared by the Cloudlink Proxy.




The Routing Media Service can not communicate with the Cloudlink Proxyand will be unable to retrieve alarm states from the Cloudlink Proxy. If Cloudlink Chat is being used the impact will be a disruption of Chat service. The Routing Media Service relies on the Cloudlink Proxy for incoming chat sessions and transcripts from Cloudlink. The Routing Media Service relies on the Cloudlink Proxy to add/remove participants from Cloudlink chat sessions, as well as publish messages for Say/Ask activities.



  1. Ensure IIS is started.
  2. Ensure the CloudlinkProxy Application pool in IIS is started and running.
  3. Review the Routing Media Service logs for additional context.
  4. Review the Cloudlink Proxy logs for additional context.
  5. Review the CloudlinkProxy status page (http(s)://[Server Ip]/Cloudlinkproxy/home) to ensure the service is available and able to interact with other MiCC services.
  6. Reset the CloudlinkProxy application pool if the application pool or site appears unresponsive. 


MiCC 9.2 or newer with Cloudlink Chat enabled 

Keywords: cloudlink proxy alarm event

Posted Monday, August 19, 2019 by montpetit.a