ENS0001 – Enterprise server long execution cycle

Article ID: 52641 - Last Review: August 29, 2019


The Enterprise Server Service has encountered a longer than normal execution cycle. 




The Enterprise Server provides and processes Real-Time data and Employee event controls, if the server takes longer to process data, you may encounter delays in state changes, Inbox details, Real-Time monitor statistics, etc. 


There can be a few reasons why the Enterprise Server is taking too long:

  1. Insufficient CPU resources available for the Enterprise Server Service to perform its necessary calculations.
    • Make sure that the system has been allocated sufficient resources as per the MiContact Center Business and MiVoice Analytics System Engineering Guide
  2. Contact Center Clients (CCC) requesting a large number of monitor details.
    • Look into Enterprise Server logs for logs similar to:
      • RTClient::ProcessInboundMessages() took …
      • RTClient::ProcessOutboundMessages() took …
  3. IVR Workflow with a logical error causing an ‘infinite loop’ sending large amounts of data non-stop to the Enterprise Server Service to process.
    • Check all IVR services and see if any are using an excessive amount of CPU resources.
    • Once a possible source has been found, examine the logging of the source Service.  Logs should indicate rapid condition checks against a Workflow.
    • Examine the culprit Workflow and modify it to have a definitive “END”.
    • Easy to spot issues are ‘loops’ where a call can constantly go through the same Activity over and over. 


MiCC 7.1 and newer 

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