HotFix KB516576 - Multiple SIP fixes

Article ID: 52684 - Last Review: May 25, 2021


This Hotfix addresses multiple issues:

  1. Web Ignite and Contact Center Client showed multiple calls stuck in queue
  2. Web Ignite was intermittently showing a Work-timer rolling over to 24h remaining after the call hand ended
  3. When the MiVoice Connect Client was shut down from the system tray, Web Ignite was not showing the agent Offline (this fix also requires MiVoice Connect 19.2 SP1, and BluStar or newer)
  4. When one call was requeued the agent would sometime display as being on that call and their next call at the same time
  5. After an attempted consult transfer failed, an agent would remain showing as Non-ACD Hold after the second attempt succeeded
  6. Data summarization failed if the Employee ID was more than 10 characters
  7. Intermittently agents would become stuck in an ACD state and not receive further calls
  8. Calls forwarded to Voicemail were not being credited
  9. Intermittently the system would reuse a CallID resulting in inaccurate real-time
  10. Intermittently agents were presented with ACD calls while in a Busy state
  11. Agent Inbox was showing a call that had already ended.  New calls were routing correctly
  12. After a consult call was cancelled the caller was placed on hold and transferred regardless
  13. If an agent transferred a call to a second queue they would not get Work-timer when they disconnected
  14. Intermittently an Email queue Work-timer would roll over to 24h instead of ending
  15. Data summarization failed if the LastRedirectedDevice was delivered as an ETX
  16. Native events were not linked if the Employee was recreated in YourSite Explorer
  17. Intermittently Queue Performance reports were not pegging Abandons
  18. The MiCCSipSettings.SpecialDeviceDN global application setting did not take effect until the service was restarted


This Hotfix is to be installed onto MiContact Center Business version for SIP

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login button.
  3. Click the Sign in button under MiAccess.
  4. On the left, select the Software Download Center.
  5. Expand the tree to MiContact Center Business and then down to MiContact Center Business and HotFixes.
  6. Download the KB516576 HotFix to the MiContact Center server.
  7. Double-click the KB516476 and follow the on-screen prompts.
  8. Wait for the repackager and auto-updates to complete.
NOTE: Installing this Hotfix will restart the MiContact Center services.  To avoid service interruption please install this patch after hours or during a scheduled maintenance window.

IMPORTANT:  In order to resolve the issue #3 you will need to install the additional patches mentioned above, and do the following:
  1. Stop bluStar services
  2. Edit ctisrv.ini file in the C:\Windows directory by adding the following line under [PABXSpecific 1] section where x.x.x.x is the MiVC HQ server IP address:
    • [PABXSpecific 1]
    • OutOfServiceLine=x.x.x.x.x
  3. Start blustar services


MiCC for SIP

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Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2021 by montpetit.a