Hotfix KB536401 - Fixes for Microsoft Exchange OAuth mail server connections and Web Ignite Callback Widget issue

Article ID:  - Last Review: September 20, 2022

What’s Fixed?

This Hotfix addresses the following 4 issues:

Issue Description



When using OAuth connection with Exchange Online multiple emails could be sent out when agent replies instead of just one

When an agent replies to and email, in some cases multiple replies are sent to the recipient instead of just one

Only one reply is now sent out.

When using OAuth connection with Exchange Online sometimes email replies are not received by recipient when you have two mail servers defined with the same from address even though it appears they were sent in web ignite.

If you have two mail servers defined in YSE and both have the exact same from address it could cause us to try to send out on the wrong mail server and fail but still show as if it sent successfully.

Fixed logic when we have multiple mail servers with same from address that we first pick the one assigned to the Email media server from within the storage service. If we can’t find one them we have logging to say why we aren’t able to send the email.

Unable to support multiple Exchange Online OAuth mails servers that reside on different clouds in Office 365

If you try to configure a mail sever that lives in an alternate cloud other than the default global cloud (ex: US Gov cloud at it will fail to connect

Added support to not only automatically infer the cloud we are connecting to but in case of any custom future settings provided the ability to override with custom settings if needed.

Supervisors can see all callbacks in web ignite callback widget even when “may see all queues” checkbox is not checked

When an employee is logged into web ignite with a supervisor license they were able to see all callback for all queues regardless of setting of “may see all queues”

The “may see all queues” checkbox setting is now respected in the web ignite callback widget


MiContact Center Business


This Hotfix is to be installed onto MiContact Center Business version

  1. Go to

  2. Click the Login button.

  3. Click the Sign in button under MiAccess.

  4. On the left, select the Software Download Center.

  5. Expand the tree to MiContact Center Business and then down to MiContact Center Business and HotFixes.

  6. Download the "MiCC Hotfix KB536401.exe" Hotfix to the MiContact Center server.

  7. Double-click the MiCC HotFix KB536401.exe and follow the on-screen prompts.

  8. Wait for the repackager and auto-updates to complete. 

NOTE: Applying this Hotfix will restart the MiContact Center services.  To avoid service interruption we recommend applying the update after hours or during a scheduled maintenance window.

Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2022 by montpetit.a