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# %appdata% .csv .eml .NET .NET 3.5 .Net Enterprise .net enterprise server .tmp .XOML ? ??? [HANGUP_HARD] _admin <> <> 0 0KB 0x8007200A -1 10,960 100407 100410 100460 100473 100539 100747 100748 100758 100759 100768 100769 100781 100794 100796 100830 100832 100833 100841 101157 101159 101196 101198 101483 101498 101500 101502 101561 101633 101701 10194 102241 102243 102245 102331 102336 102457 102576 102578 102768 103226 103306 103317 103411 103468 103931 104956 104961 104963 104996 105289 105291 105362 105367 105630 105660 105776 106013 106015 106063 106065 106067 106243 106589 106887 106897 107212 107344 107367 108528 108760 108781 10960 10k 11:30pm 110006 111859 112431 114240 114682 114819 114910 114913 115211 115214 115429 116146 116477 116488 116827 117771 118090 118120 118285 118295 118509 118512 118628 118738 118986 119031 119037 119744 119968 12:30am 120204 120481 120490 120611 120619 120650 120653 120743 121217 121225 121234 121558 121782 121853 121854 121913 121960 121981 121992 122248 123155 123391 125052 125054 125387 125440 125454 125792 127341 15-0007-001 155493 156126 156465 156857 156862 157068 157069 157324 157325 157327 157328 157805 157806 160998 161135 161237 161254 161337 161732 161936 162606 163064 163247 164092 164757 170373 170637 1719 172578 173034 173041 173890 174975 175546 176574 176785 176913 179467 179909 180093 180616 180791 180815 1809 196695 2008 2011 2012 2014 211529 216341 216343 216345 216697 217690 217692 218492 218532 231032 231056 231722 232143 232290 233727 233742 233779 235326 236110 238220 24 hour 24 hours 24h 253459 254986 259819 259838 259840 264491 271951 271953 273304 273338 285893 2nd line 3040 309231 319188 319366 319897 319939 32 bit 320611 320774 321068 321873 325438 32741 32bit 3300 340635 341094 341275 344768 355769 363181 366118 366119 366370 375344 375404 375543 376830 376833 376910 377622 377624 377699 377767 377880 381257 383468 386779 388947 389019 392414 393054 393073 393158 393516 393574 393576 399587 399918 4.5 GA 400310 401.2 401762 401979 402324 404 404.17 404909 405219 410407 410718 411630 411802 412416 412420 412423 416156 418119 421532 424049 424057 425351 425468 425587 426218 427310 427410 427694 428628 43122 43492 435696 435896 438587 43896 441591 443688 444499 44473 445449 445970 447353 447705 45163 45164 45175 45349 45436 455533 455553 45846 458701 45894 46230 463927 464315 464434 465398 465400 46567 46614 466189 466294 466669 466672 46676 467096 467156 467641 46810 468805 46882 468853 470705 470707 470709 470763 470782 47102 47151 471974 471979 472023 472027 472028 47209 472176 47253 473844 474681 474774 474853 47626 47862 479209 47927 479702 48038 482455 482456 482488 48266 486794 487048 487050 487211 494224 494227 494351 496043 496276 497159 499087 499563 5.0 GA 5.0 SP1 5.1 GA 5.1 SP1 5.1 SP2 5.1 SP3 5.1 SP4 5.10 5.10 SP2 5.10.1 5.10.2 5.10.5 5.10.8 5.2 GA 5.2 SP1 5.3 GA 5.3 SP1 5.3 SP2 5.3 SP3 5.4 GA 5.4 SP2 5.5 GA 5.5 SP1 5.5 SP2 5.5 SP3 5.6 5.6 GA 5.7 GA 5.7 SP1 5.7 SP1 FP2 5.8 5.8 GA 5.8 GA FP1 5.8 GA FP2 5.8 GA FP3 5.8 GA FP4 5.8 GA FP5 5.8 GA FP6 5.8 GA FP7 5.8 GA FP8 500.19 5000 5000/Axxess 5020 5020 IP 5020IP 503901 50481 505980 507685 508123 508937 509098 509117 511756 512199 512233 512344 512423 512896 512913 52030 53589 53615 55671 56100 56278 57470 57595 57841 58044 58052 58271 58386 58387 58483 58491 58639 58802 59618 59636 59912 59984 6.0 6.0 FP1 6.0 FP2 6.0 FP3 6.0 GA 6.0 SP1 6.0 SP1 FP1 6.0 SP2 6.0 SP2 FP1 6.0.1 6.0.2 6.0.3 6.0.X.X 60052 60233 60317 60320 60553 60585 60600 60660 60718 60761 60806 60855 60943 61001 6110 61127 61128 61809 61865 61866 62015 62095 62097 62099 62169 62173 62211 62294 62296 62391 62473 62530 62534 62540 62758 62760 62932 63006 63013 63028 63045 63056 63065 63068 63071 63073 63089 63218 63562 63564 63571 63578 63974 64 64 bit 64707 64712 64714 64916 64993 64bit 64-bit 65004 65040 65088 65096 65098 65127 65136 65384 65386 65811 65881 65951 65953 65978 65988 66083 66085 66199 66257 66336 66344 66386 66419 66445 66454 66465 66491 66500 66538 66858 66905 67217 67318 67367 67473 67474 67758 67760 67786 67843 67866 68012 68017 68120 68142 68226 68558 68865 69051 69256 69266 69458 69474 69498 7.0 7.0 GA 7.1 7.1.1 7.X 70128 70299 70303 70305 70306 70308 70495 70500 70615 70713 70740 70799 70816 70890 70896 70986 71368 71407 71412 71948 71955 72075 72656 72682 73244 73468 73480 73484 73536 73545 73723 73738 73823 73833 73877 73878 73879 73881 73967 74269 74271 74273 74448 74550 74694 75053 75763 75768 75804 75948 75952 76226 76242 76325 76348 76366 77037 77046 77056 77113 77126 77145 77150 77156 77279 77351 77363 77644 78365 78390 78431 78433 78576 78663 78716 78786 78923 78927 78972 79016 79060 79072 79079 79135 79513 79515 80808 80814 80816 80925 80929 81118 81156 81197 82833 82913 82991 82996 83290 83389 83410 83552 83561 83611 83614 83697 83776 83778 83897 83900 83932 84570 84571 84573 84605 84688 84740 84863 84903 84956 84958 85163 85198 85234 85294 85299 85355 85357 85394 86575 86583 86655 86657 86659 86674 86751 86752 86845 86847 86848 86850 86852 86854 86863 86916 86922 86924 88012 88197 88358 88361 88366 88600 88738 88741 888 88893 88901 88903 88979 89048 89075 89094 89096 89171 89175 89183 89190 89247 89271 89333 89427 89429 89430 89470 89525 89657 91567 91572 91923 92000 92840 92945 92947 92956 92959 93007 93030 93045 93110 93120 93121 93150 93180 93213 93215 93289 93380 93467 93472 93543 93546 93566 93875 93907 93923 93928 93941 93944 93961 93976 94051 94184 94198 94213 94217 94346 94355 94451 94462 94489 94493 94495 94501 94606 94718 94721 94723 94892 95067 95205 95438 95457 95588 95590 95592 95594 95735 95739 95742 95799 95947 96065 96067 96069 96533 96647 96650 97561 97599 97648 97650 97652 97654 97657 97662 97664 97666 97668 98827 98829 98831 98971 99065 99076 99125 99164 99166 99178 99181 99195 99203 99298 99433 99503 99505 99600 99612 99706 99712 99716 99718 9999 abandon abandoned abandons absent accent accented access denied access is denied access violation accessibility options account account code Account Codes ACD ACD activity ACD call acd calls ACD Count ACD Express ACD Handling Time acd inspector acd presence acd record acd records acd short handle count acd state acount codes action Actions active Active Directory ActiveX Activities activity activity period AD AD Auth ad authentication add add in add/remove addin Add-in add-ins adherence Admin administrative Administrator advanced data access agent agent by make busy / dnd agent card Agent Contact Queue agent control agent endpoint Agent Event agent event by period agent greeting agent group agent group event by period Agent Group Events agent group performance agent group performance by agent agent group presence Agent Groups agent inbound trace Agent logoff time agent performance agent performance by agent performance by period agent presence agent shift agent shift by period agent skill level agent skill levels agent skills agent state agent state by agent state by time agent whisper agents Agents Available AGP ailing alarm alarms Alias all zeros ALM0007 ALM0011 ALM0013 ALM0015 ALM0016 ALM0048 ALM0049 ALM0050 ALM0051 ALM0052 ALM0053 ALM0054 ALM0055 ALM0056 ALM0057 ALM0058 ALM0059 ALM0060 ALM0061 ALM0062 ALM0063 ALM0064 ALM0065 ALM0066 ALM0067 ALM0068 ALM0069 ALM0070 ALM0071 ALM0072 ALM0073 ALM0074 ALM0075 ALM0076 ALM0077 ALM0078 ALM0079 ALM0080 ALM0081 ALM0082 ALM0083 ALM0084 ALM0085 ALM0086 ALM0087 ALM0088 ALM0089 ALM0090 ALM0091 ALM0092 ALM0093 ALM0094 ALM0095 ALM0096 ALM0097 ALM0098 ALM0099 ALM0100 ALM0101 ALM0102 ALM0103 ALM0104 ALM0105 ALM0106 ALM0107 ALM0110 ALM0111 ALM0114 ALM0115 ALM0116 ALM0117 ALM0118 ALM0119 ALM0120 ALM0121 ALM0122 ALM0123 ALM0124 ALM0125 ALM0126 ALM0128 ALM0129 ALM0133 ALM0134 ALM0135 ALM0136 ALM0137 ALM0138 ALM0139 ALM0141 ALM0142 ALM0143 ALM0144 ALM0145 ALM0146 ALM0152 ALM0153 ALM0154 ALM0155 ALM0156 ALM0160 already modified already on a conference AM AMC An error occurred while trying to communicate with the Enterprise Server AND android ANI ANI condition ANI/DNIS/ISDN/CLASS announcement another instance ANSI answer answer button apache apostrophe appear Appliance application application endpoint application files application pool applications appool Apppool AppServer Architecture archive area code area codes ARID ASR assign assigning associated at once Atlantic attachment Attachment attempt Attempts attendant attendant console attendant console traffic by period audio audio file audit auditor auth authentication Auto Logout auto_close Automatic Speech Recognition available Average Axxess back pressure backing up backup BadDataField ban banned Barge bcc BE best best pactice Best practice Best Practices best practise best practises binding BIOS blank blind block blocked blustar bounce boundaries branch branch condition broken build build number bulletin bundle business Business Edition business reporter button by day of month by day of week C++ Redistributable CA CACHE CAL calculation calculations call Call # call accounting call back call backs call control event Call Controll call details call flow Call ID call notes call plan call recorder call recording Callback callback monitor callback queue performance by agent callback queue performance by period callback requests callbacks CallControlEvent CallControlEventLog called external hot desk user called party caller id callflow callid callr ecording CallReceivedEvent calls calls waiting CanGetAgentPKey cannot cannot be indexed cannot connect cannot create or update database cannot load cannot open can't load can't open capacity CaR0002 card card design Carrier plan case CCC CCC Chat CCM ccm 6110 CCM Auth CCM website CCMData CCMLogs CCMRouting ccmruntimeservices CCMStatisticalData CCMWeb ccp CDR cell Center certificate CFG0012 CFG0013 CFG0014 CFG0015 CFG0016 CFG0017 CFG0019 CFG0021 CFG0022 CFG0023 CFG0024 CFG0025 CFG0026 CFG0027 CFG0029 CFG0032 CFG0033 CFG0034 CFG0035 CFG0036 CFG0037 CFG0038 CFG0039 CFG0040 CFG0041 CFG0042 CFG0043 CFG0044 CFG0045 CFG0046 CFG0048 CFG0049 CFG0050 CFG0051 change changed changes changing Char 9 character characters chart ChartFX Chat chat request chat transcript chat transcripts chats check check box checkbox checker checking checksum chocolatey citrix CLASS classification classification code classification codes clear clear all cleared clearing CLI click click to dial click-to-dial client Client Component Pack Client does not have permission to send as this sender client logs climb close closing Cloud Cloudlink Proxy code Codes collecting collection collector colocate co-locate column columns command commands Commit Compare Compatability Compatibility compatibility mode compensate complete completed completing compliance component component pack concurrency concurrent condition condition by condition check conditions conference conferenced ConferenceFailureException config Config service config wizard configurable configuration configuration wizard configuraton wizard configure configured confirmation connect connected connecting connection connection center connection creation connection not polling connections ConnectionString connector constantly constraints consult consultation consumes Contact Contact center chat Contact Center Client contact center client chat Contact Center Management Contact Detail Report Contact Us ContactCenterClient contacts ContactType contactus contents context sensitive context sensitivity continue continues control control panel controller controllers conversation conversation box conversations copied copy copy & paste copy and paste copying application files correct corrupt corrupted COS costed couldn't count countdown country code counts CPU crash crashing create created creator Critical error CRM CRM 2007 CRM connector CSM CSM Data Import CSV CTI CTI Adapter CTI Connector culture currencies currency current current hotfix current hotfixes current thread custom Customize cut off cuts off cyberchat data data collection data inspector data inspectors Data link data provider data sync database dataportal_fetch date day of week DB DB2 dcr Dealer Portal debug decrypt Default default admin default administrator default presence default printer delay delayed delays delete delete queue deleted DeleteTracking deliver Dell demo license denied Denying logout deploy deployment depricated desaware design design change design change request Desktop Ignite destabilize the runtime destination destination not programmed DestinationQueue detailed detailed release notes detected device device list devices DeviceSelectionPage dial dial out of queue dialing dictionaries dictionary different different domain digit digits DimDate direct to pbx DirectToPbx dirty disable disabled disabling disappearing disaster disconnect disconnected discrepancies discrepancy Disk disparity display distribute distribution distribution group DLL dlsc DN dnd DNIS DNIS Group Performance dnis group performance by dnis DNIS quick setup Do Not Disturb Dock Docking station does not exist doesn't start domain domain administrators domain controller Domino DoNotDisturb double double digit double peg double pegging double-peg down download downloading downloading update DPNSS draft DraftPreview drag & drop drag and drop Drive DRN drop dropped dropping DSCache DSLC DSS0002 DSS0003 DSS0004 DSS0005 DSS0006 DSS0007 DSS0008 DSYoursite DTMF duplicate duplicate IP duration Dutch Dynamic RAD Dynamics CRM e mail e mailing Echange link down edge edit edition EE elastic search elasticsearch ELS0001 email E-Mail email attachment Email Us emailing e-mailing emails e-mails EmailSizeLimitBytes emergency employee employee group accounting employee group out of adherence Employee report empty enabled enablelifecyclehistorical EnableLUA Encoding encrypt encrypted end chat endpoint Endpoint Protection enforced Engines ens0001 enterprise enterprise edition enterprise IP enterprise router enterprise server enterprize entire database entire DB error Error 404.17 error 429 error 500 error code 40 error loading interaction errors ES-CL estimated wait time Estimated wait times evaluation event event viewer events EWT Example Example Workflow exceed exceeded exceeded 4 seconds excel Excel 2007 excel 2010 excel query exception excessive Exchange Exchange 2000 Exchange 2003 Exchange 2007 Exchange 2010 Exchange 2013 Exchange Setup Exclude exclusion Execute execution exist existing prompt exit expected wait time Expire expired export exporting Express Extended Extended Digit Length Extended Time To Answer extension extension accounting by interval by call type extension accounting summary extension state extension state by position extensions external external hot desk extra screenpop extracting extraction extremely facetime fail fail over failed failed to detect failed to execute failed to initialize failed to save Failed to save SMS configuration Failed to Send FailedRoute failing Failover fails failure failures FAQ FastRecovery fata error fatal fatal error Fax feature Feature Level Feature Request features file file exists file name file sync file synchronization filing filling up filter filter device variable filtering find find admin find administrator FIPS fire fired firewall firewall exception Firmware fix fix pack Fix Pack 1 Fix Pack 2 Fix Pack 3 Fix Pack 4 Fix Pack 8 Fix Pack 9 Fixpack flex Flex Report flex reporting Flex Reports flexible flexible report flexible reporting Flexinble Report focus folder font font size font type FontZoom force forced forecast forecasting foreign foreign key format formatted formatting forward FP 8 FP1 FP2 FP3 FP4 FP8 FP9 fragmentation fragmented freeswitch freeze french french - canada frequent frequently Front End Front End Communication frozen FTP full full sql Function Code functional functionality future date GASE Gateway gateway settings General general business hot desking general error generate Generic generic data provider generic data providers geodispersed german ghost call ghost text global Global Application Settings Global applications settings editor Global Apps Global Apps Settings Editor GlobalAppSettingsEditor GMail golden rules goldenrules goldmine Google Google Apps for Business GPU gray gray out grey grey out grey-out grid groovy group group by supervisor group presence Group Real Time Events grouping grow growing GUID guide handing off handle handled handling handling time hang hang up hangs hangup Hard Audit hard disk hard drive hashed havy HCI HCI/CTI/TAPI header helo hidden hide high high memory historical Historical Agent Activity historical data history hive hold holiday hostname hot desk hot desking hot desking user Hot fix hotdesk hotdesking hotesking hotfix hours how to HowTo http redirect https hung hunt group Hyper-V I/O IBM ICC ID idle IE IE10 IE11 IE8 IE9 IGN0001 IGN0002 IGN0003 IGN0004 IGN0005 IGN0006 Ignite Ignite ignore IIS IIS 7 IIS7 images IMAP Impact 360 Impact360 Import import tool improved logging improvement in error in use inaccurate inbound Inbox incompatible incomplete Inconsistancy in Reports incorrect incorrect configuration increase incrementing index index out of range indexed infinite loop info information ingite initial initialization error initialize input string In-Queue Inspector Inspectors install installation InstallCertForHttps.ZIP installed Installer installing Instant InstantAdmin instructions insufficient Integer Intelligent Queue interactive client control interactive Contact Center interactive contact centre interactive queue control Interactive Visual Queue interflow interflowed intermittent intermittently INTERNAL Internal Calls internal server error Internal Unanswered international internet explorer interpret InterTel inter-tel intertel import tool interval intervals invalid invalid cast invalid character invalid destination Invalid provider type specified invalid transfer destination Invoker_DN IP Address IP Device Only IP Trunk IP Trunks IQ iq 6160 iq dnis group performance IQ DNIS GROUP Performance by DNIS IQ Ports IQ to VWM IQtoVWM iscallback ISDN issues item items IVQ IVR IVR DNIS Group Performance by DNIS ivr inbound IVR media server ivr port IVR Ports IVRInbound IVROutbound Jasper Java JAVA_HOME JIT join Junk junked KB KB102331 KB104996 KB105660 KB106067 KB106897 KB107212 KB108528 KB108781 kb116146 KB118285 KB118295 KB118512 KB118628 KB118986 KB119744 KB120204 KB120490 KB120653 KB121960 kb121992 KB123155 KB125052 KB125454 KB125792 KB155493 KB156465 KB156862 KB157069 KB160998 KB161135 KB161237 KB161254 KB161337 KB161732 KB161936 KB162606 KB163064 KB164092 KB164757 KB170373 KB170637 KB172578 KB173034 KB173041 KB173890 KB174975 KB175546 KB176574 KB176785 KB176913 KB179467 KB179909 KB180093 KB180616 KB180791 KB180815 KB196695 KB211529 KB216341 KB216343 KB216345 KB216697 KB217690 KB217692 KB218492 KB218532 KB231032 KB231056 KB231722 KB232143 KB232290 KB233727 KB233742 KB233779 KB235326 KB236110 KB238220 KB253459 KB254986 KB259819 KB259838 KB259840 KB264491 KB271951 KB271953 KB2721341 KB273304 KB273338 KB285893 KB309231 KB319188 KB319366 KB319897 KB319939 KB320611 KB320774 KB321068 KB321873 KB325438 KB32741 KB340635 KB341094 KB341275 KB355768 KB355769 KB363181 KB366118 KB366119 KB366370 KB375344 KB375404 KB375543 KB376830 KB376833 KB376910 KB377622 KB377624 KB377699 KB377767 KB377880 KB381257 KB383468 KB386779 KB388947 KB389019 KB392414 KB393054 KB393073 KB393158 KB393516 KB393574 KB393576 KB399587 KB399918 KB400310 KB401762 KB401979 KB402324 KB404909 KB405219 KB410407 KB410718 KB411630 KB411802 KB412416 KB412420 KB412423 KB416156 KB418119 KB421532 KB424049 KB424057 KB425351 KB425468 KB425587 KB426218 KB427310 KB427410 KB427694 KB428628 KB435696 KB435896 KB438587 KB441591 KB443688 KB444499 KB445449 KB445970 KB447353 KB447705 KB455533 KB455553 KB458701 KB463927 KB464315 KB464434 KB465398 KB465400 KB466189 KB466294 KB466669 KB466672 KB467096 KB467156 KB467641 KB468805 KB468853 KB470705 KB470707 KB470709 KB470763 KB470782 KB471974 KB471979 KB472023 KB472027 KB472028 KB472176 KB473844 KB474681 KB474774 KB474853 KB479209 KB479702 KB482455 KB482456 KB482488 KB486794 KB487048 KB487050 KB487211 KB494224 KB494227 KB494351 KB496043 KB496276 KB497159 KB499087 KB499563 KB503901 KB505980 KB507685 KB508123 KB508937 KB509098 KB509117 KB511756 KB512199 KB512233 KB512344 KB512423 KB512896 KB512913 KB68865 KB700832 KB73244 KB73468 KB73545 KB75053 KB75804 KB76325 KB76967 KB77150 KB776827 KB78365 KB78576 KB80814 KB84570 KB86659 KB86847 KB88197 KB88903 KB89048 KB89096 KB89271 KB89427 KB89429 KB89470 KB93180 KB93944 KB94051 KB94462 KB94606 KB94718 KB95742 KB95799 KB96650 KB97599 KB97666 KB99612 keep local key kill known issues lab lab restore lag landing page language languages Large latest latest hotfix latest hotfixes launch layer layout LCID LDAP LDF leading digit leading zero leap year leave length less than zero library License license agreement license violation License Wizard licensed licensing Licensing Wizard life cycle Lifecycle Limit limitations limits Line 30 Line URI link linked list live restore load local Local Binding IP LocaleID localization locally location LocationTree lock locked locked up log log in logged off logged out logging login logon logout logs long long distance long execution cycle longdistance long-distance longest longest wait longest waiting loop lost Lotus Low Disk Space Lync Lync / Ignite Lync cannot reach lync module lync server MAC magnification mail mail server mail settings maintenance Make Busy makebusy malformed manage Management Management Studio Mandatory manifest manual manual update manually march 17 Marks marquee mass transit masstransit matrix max MaxImagesToLoad maximize maximized maximum MaxSignatureLength MBG McAfee MCC MCCAudit MCCConnectionString MCCWa MCD MCD 5.0 MCD 6.0 MCD 6.0 SP1 MCD 7 SP1 PR1 MCD 7.1 PR1 MDF media media directory media does not exist media router media server media server offline Media Unavailable member membership memory memory dump memory leak memory usage menu Menu activity menu bar merge merged merging message message queueing Message Queuing Message Waiting messages Meter Pulses Meter Unit Per Station mgmt007 MiAudio MiCC MiCC for Lync MiCCSDK micollab sip softphone MiContact MiContact Center Microsoft Microsoft.IdentityModel Microsoft.IdnetityModel.DLL midnight migrate migrating Migration Migration Wizard MIME Minimum mismatch missing Missing Device Missing Devices missing resource misyncskipsync MiTAI mitai event MiTAI Link mitai monitor mitai monitors mitai proxy mitai record mitai records Mitai stops MiTAIProxyServer Mitel Mitel Border Gateway Mitel Communications Director Mitel Online mitia proxy MiVB MiVO 400 MiVoice MiVoice 5000 MiVoice Business MiVoice Office 400 mix mixed MiXML MKB modification modified modify modifying MOH MOL monday monitor Monitor Control monitors more details moroccan morocco move moving MP3 MRCP MSDTC msi msiexec msmq multi multi select multidevice multi-domain Multimedia Multimedia Contact Center multiple multiple Enterprise multiple front end multiple results multiselect multi-select multitenant multi-tenant multi-tenanted Music music on hold mutex My Documents My Role Allowed MyDocuments name NAT network Network ACD network congestion Network Format network license network monitor network path new new agent new employee new media server new pbx new server next page nickname no _admin No Answer no audio no collector No Data No default printer no deployment found no file no instance no internet No Licensing Servers available No Mitai No Reply Node non non acd non compliant non-acd non-compliant non-messaging NoReply Norton not accepted not accessible not answering not available not being offered not collecting not enough not enough free threads not enough memory not enough RAM not found not installed not loading not offered not opening not polling not read not recognized not routing not synchronized not valid not visible note notes nuance number numbers nupoint OAI Oaisys object object reference objects odbc offered office 2010 Office 365 offline offline install offline installation often old old one employee one user online open opening Operand operator Optimization option options OR oracle oranda Organizational Unit OriginatingParty OS OU out of memory out of memory exception out of order out of service outbound outbound call flow outbound callflow outbound dialer Outgoing Outgoing Queues outlook Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 OutOfMemory OutsideBusinessHours OVA overflow overnight override overriding state pacify package page page cannot be displayed parameter parameter missing parameters park parked parking parsing error part partial past midnight paste Patch Release 2 path Path Real Time Events Path Reporting for Internal ACD2 Calls pattern PB20160019 PBX PbxConfig PCI Compliant PDF peg pegging Pending performance Performance Counter performance counter library period permission permissions Person Account PersonAccount personal Personal Profile PFCase pfdscache PFTicket phantom call phone number PhoneSet Manager PIN PKey plan Platform play plug in plugin plug-in PM poll polling pool unavailable populate port port 13 port 25 port 5024 port monitor port status ports ports monitor Post power failure power outage power shell powershell PR1 practice practices practise practises prairieFyre Enterprise ACD pre-existing preferred Pre-Reqs_Enterprise_Server.htm pre-requisite presence present prevent preview previous Print printer printers printing priorities priority pro plus problem problem communicating problem with your credentials procdump process ProcessConferenceRecordsInLifeCycle processed processor product Profile programmed programs prompt protocol protocols provision provisioner Provisioner service provisioning PSM public folders Public Network Purge query query activity Queue Queue Control queue conversion failure queue failure queue group queue group by agent queue group performance queue group performance by agent queue group performance by period queue group performance by queue queue now queue performance queue performance by period queue report queue spectrum queue variable QueueId queuenow queues RAD RAD Optimization RAM RAN random raw data rce read read back read only readback read-only real time realtime real-time reappearing re-appearing reason reason code reasons reboot recall receive recollector record Record Buffer Record Transfer recording recordings records recover recovery recreate red Red box red X Redbox redesign redirect redirected redirects redundant regedit registered registry reject rejected Related To release release date release note release notes release over release remote remote collector remote IVR remote IVR node remote node remote server remove removed render rendering Renew REO0008 re-opening reorder buffer rep0007 REP0010 REP0011 REP0012 REP0013 REP0014 REP0015 REP0016 REP0017 REP0018 REP0019 REP0020 REP0021 REP0022 REP0023 REP0024 repeating replay replication reply reply templates report Report Attendant Name report inbox Report Incoming Report Internal Report Transfers reporter reporting reporting changes Reporting Level 1 Reporting Level 2 reporting number Reports request Requested requeue re-queue requeued re-queued requeues required gateway settings Requirements reset reset router Resiliency resilient resize resolution respond REST restart restart router restarting restore resummarize retries retry reverse proxy ribbon right click right-click ring ring group Ring Groups ring no answer ringback ringgroup RingGroupMemberData ringgroups ringing ring-no-answer RNA roll back rollback round rounding route routed Router router bot Router command RouterInitialization Routing Routing Failure routing media routingoutbound routiong outbound rows RSSBus RTR0002 RTR0004 RTR0005 RTR0006 RTR0007 RTR0008 RTR0009 RTR0012 RTR0013 RTR0014 RTR0015 RTR0016 RTR0017 RTR0019 RTR0020 RTR0021 RTR0022 Rule rules runtime Runtime Libraries 2010 sales force salesforce same time Sample sandbox sanitize SAP save save all save certificate save license saved profile saving SBA SBS SBS/SBA schedule scheduled scheduled report scheduled reports screen pop screen resolution screenpop screenpoponringing scren-pop script script block script error scripts search search more Search Storage searchstorage second line secondary security security bulletin security list security role Security roles select selected send SEP Sepcifications server Server 2012 Server Certificate server logs server monitoring agent Server topology service service pack Service Pack 1 Service Pack 2 Service Unavailable services set up Set Variable setting settings setup SFDC share shared Shared Profile shift shifts short abandon short outbound show up shrink shutdown side by side side-by-side sign sign in SignalR signature signature file silent monitor Simulation simultaneous simultaneously SIP sip address SIP Listener SIP Response Code SIP Response Codes SIP Trunk SIP URI site site based security Site Key site-based security sitekey size sizes skills skip skip sync skipped delete Skype slow slowly SMA SMA0003 Small Business Server smart algorithms smart choice smartchoice SMDR SMDR External SMDR Inspector SMDR Internal SMDR Reorder Buffer smdr time rollback SMDR Timeout SMDRReorderBuffer smdrreorderbufferreleaseintervalinseconds SMS sms service SMTP sniffing error SNMP softphone softphone layout software software version SONAR sort sorted sorting sound SP1 SP2 SP2 FP2 SP2FP2 Spanish speech recognition speed call speed dial speeddial spell spell check spell checker spellcheck spellchecker spelling Spencer spike splash screen splash.hta Spring 2013 SQL SQL 2012 SQL Express SQL Management Studio SQL Views SQL Writer sqlExpress src SSL SSML staging stale call standard Standardized Call ID Format Standardized Network OLI start start bar started state statement of support States static content static file static file handler statistical changes statistics stats status stop stopping storage storage path storage service String stuck sub domain subdomain sub-domain subject submitted Subroutine subscriber plan subscription summarization summarize summary summerize supervised transfer support Support Package supported Suppress Survivable SW version switchboard SX2K_REMOTE_DN SXERR_FEATURE_NOT_ALLOWED SXERR_INVALID_DEVICE SXERR_MUTEX_PROBLEM sxerr_privilege_violation Symantec symbol sync sync error sync status syncfusion synchronization Synchronize synchronizing syntax Sys ID SysID system check System ID System Identification system mode system name system prompt System.IO.FileNotFoundException System.IO.IOException System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException table tabs tag tags tansfer TAPI taskbar tblAction_VWM_CallbackRequest tcp Technical Services Bulletin tel teleopti telephone system telephone system synchronization Teleworker telnet template templates tenant tenanted test test connection Text to Speech text-to-speech threadpool threads ticket ticketed ticketing Time Time Change Time Drift time of day Time Roll Back Time Rollback time server time stamp time to answer time zone timeout Timeout branch timer timestamp time-sync time-zone TLS TLS 1.2 TN toaster today's reports toll free toll-free tombstone tone too many backup files too many redirects tool toolbar total offered totals trace trace buffer traditional Traffic transcript transcripts transfer transfer activity transfer condition transfer destination transferred transferring trigger triggered Troubleshooting true true system true truncate truncated Trunk trunk group trust trusted application Try again later Trying to connect TSB TTS Twenty-four Hour twice Twilio two TXOpened type UAC UCA UCA Phone UCMA udp UI unable unable to connect unable to connect to masstransit unable to load enterprise configuration unable to run report Unable to save the license certificate Unable to start Unavailable UNC uncosted unhandled unhandled exception unified queue group Uninstall unknown unknown error unknown exception Uno unreadable unresponsive unrestricted unsupported upate update update license updated position in queue updater Updater service updates updating upgrade upgrading UPiQ upload URL usage user User Access Control User Account Control User Endpoint user interface using default UTF-8 valid valid IP address validation validation error value variable Variable Compare variable mask variable masking variables Verbose verify Verify that the IP address is correct and that the server is running Verint version versions view direct view direct media virtual virtual environment virtual machine virtual queue virtual queue group virtualization virtualized Visual C++ VM VMWare voice Voice Policy voicemail volume VQG vulnerability VWM VWM0015 VWM0016 VWM0018 VWM0019 VWM0020 VWM0021 VWM0022 vwm0023 VWM0024 VWM0025 VWM0026 VWM0027 --w W3WP.exe wait time waiting Walk Away Codes Wallboard Wallboarder warm transfer warning WAV web callback web callbacks web chat web exception web form web ignite web method web page web service webchat webform web-form web-ignite webservice website weekend werktimer WFM WFM Connector WFS Whitepaper window Windows windows 10 windows 2003 Windows 2008 Windows 2012 windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows Auth Windows Authentication windows error windows firewall windows search service without Callback Monitor wizard wma won't start work flow work force work force management work force scheduling work timer Workflow workforce workforce management workforce scheduling workfroce scheduling workgroup workgroup edition workload workstation worktimer work-timer Wrap Up write back writeback wrong WSE WSE3 X X9999 xaml xenapp xendesktop Xeon E5 xls xlsx XML Node XOML --y yoursite yoursite explorer YourSitee Explorer YSE yseappprofile yseappprofile.xml zero ZIP zoom