Golden Rules for configuring MiVoice Business (3300)

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Golden Rules for configuring MiVoice Business (3300)

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prairieFyre support will frequently reference our Golden Rules for PBX configuration.  These are the required settings to ensure that your PBX communicates correctly with the prairieFyre software.  Over time these rules have become more complex, and as such the document is growing.  Attached to this article are two versions of our Golden Rules document.

GoldenRules-by_Version-7.xls is a document specifying our recommended PBX configuration settings.  These are organized by sections of the prairieFyre software (CCM, VWM, IQ) and by relevance.  The settings are color coded to tell you which settings are necessary, which may simply affect reporting, and which do not affect prairieFyre.  Along the bottom you will find tabs showing the Golden Rules for the following 3300 versions:
  • R9:  Revision 9 and earlier software
  • pre-MCD 4.2: This covers MCD 4.0 and 4.1
  • MCD 4.2
  • MCD 5.0
  • MCD 6.0
  • MCD 7.0+

NOTE: in current MiVB versions, COS 100 is used for ACD Paths.



Mitel 3300 

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GoldenRules-by_Version-7.xls GoldenRules-by_Version-7.xls (423.50 KB, 2,939 views)

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