Real-time Troubleshooting Checklist

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Real-time Troubleshooting Checklist

When troubleshooting real time problems, please ensure that all of the following questions are answered prior to consulting second level or development for further troubeshooting:
  • What is not lining up in real-time? Is it supposed too?
  • Are agents licensed to be monitored in real-time (yoursite config)
  • Do reporting/dialable numbers line up exactly as they do on the PBX
  • Have all the correct associations been made in yoursite config and do they match the PBX agent group/path assignment forms
  • Are you seeing "?" in the Calls Waiting column of the Queue Now Monitor? Are path real-time events enabled on the PBX
  • Is the real-time profile corrupt…ie: if a new monitor is opened does it display correctly.
  • Is this real-time issue local to client/server or cross network? 
  • Make use of SMDR/ACD inspector Queue status tab to compare ACD records with what is showing in real-time ie: were agents on calls, were there calls waiting in Q?
  • If we are looking at a previous days data, what does superauditor show?
  • Were agents recently added? Tools > Admin Tools> Service Notification….Notify Real Time Clients and Reload Enterprise Config.
  • Check raw smdr and acd files, are the correct events there? Know your ACD event codes and how to read acd/smdr.
  • Network Monitor Alarms, what are the alarm stating?
  • How Many Media servers are being displayed?
  • Can you click on the Data Link Button or link, are there any data streaming (ACD/SMDR)?
  • Changes to not reflect in real-time monitor profile ? add new agents/delete inactive agents to/from existing profiles by choosing add/remove devices

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